• Asiri Board

    Asiri Board

    Based on ARM technology; Intended to be distributed as Open Hardware; A technology platform for generating new developments; Provide a low cost solution for personal computer access.
  • A800系列


    支持8通道的FXO/FXS任意组合; 底板板载8个FXO/FXS模块接口; 每个接口对应1路模拟信号; 可支持Asterisk®,Elastix®,FreeSWITCH™,PBX in a Flash,trixbox®,Yate™ 及其他IPPBX/IVR等多种开源软件应用。
  • A1200 Series

    A1200 Series

    Full-length analog card; Supports combinations of FXS and/or FXO modules for a total of 12 lines. The industrial first 12 port analog card with 12 interchangeable FXS/FXO modules design; Works with Asterisk®, Elastix®, FreeSWITCH™, PBX in a Flash, trixbox®, Yate™ and IPPBX/IVR projects as well as other Open Source and proprietary PBX, Switch, IVR, and VoIP gateway applications.
  • D110P


    1 T1/E1/J1 port; Support protocols PRI, SS7, R2; Up to 30 simutaneous voice calls; 5-year warranty!

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